Welcome to Reading for Pleasure!

Do you want to introduce more reading for pleasure into your sessions?

These resources, funded by DIUS, have been developed in partnership with The Reading Agency’s Vital Link programme and the successful campaign ‘Quick Reads’, which both promote the wider use of reading for pleasure in a range of settings.

The suite of materials consists of:

  • CPD modules: Reading for pleasure in a number of contexts
  • Storytelling: CPD unit with lesson ideas
  • Families, Learning and Storytelling: Using archives for community cohesion
  • Take Your Partner: Engaging emergent adult readers
  • Technology and Reading: How to use blogs, wikis, iPods and e-books to promote reading
  • Putting two and 2 together: Creating a bridge between literacy and numeracy learning
  • Resources for libraries: Guidance on how to engage families to read for pleasure

Reading for pleasure is an activity that is commonly taken for granted. Although many readers are initially interested in developing their reading skills for very practical reasons, teachers have an ideal opportunity to introduce their learners to a range of experiences, including fiction and non-fiction, travel writing, graphic novels - both on-screen and paper-based.

Follow the links from the navigation menu bar to each section where you can download resources. Hard copies are available for some of the materials. These can be ordered (no charge) from the relevant pages.

NIACE works with The Reading Agency to promote the use of reading for pleasure with adult learners. The Reading Agency has created resources to support the Quick Reads published since 2006 and lists all the new titles on its First Choice Books database for emergent readers.