Families, Learning and Libraries

Reading for Life takes forward all the lessons learned from the National Year of Reading in 2008. Resources for Libraries is all about building sustainability for library services and family learning practitioners to work together. In this section you will find a topic paper by NIACE, Resources for libraries, archives and family learning, for you to download. You'll also find a link to order copies of the Reading for Pleasure mini-guide origami book - a small publication to make reading and writing fun for families in everyday situations.

The topic paper is aimed at managers and practitioners in libraries and archives and family learning services, whether funded through local authorities or the voluntary sector. It aims to celebrate and support the further development of collaborative work with some examples from across the regions and to emphasise the importance of reading for pleasure and the role libraries can play in developing it.

"Family involvement in libraries' creative reading activity has a powerful effect. Families report increased reading, increased family interaction through sharing books and higher family learning aspirations."

- Confidence All Round; Morris, Hargreaves McIntyre, 2005

The topic paper aims:

  • To provide library staff with a contextual background to family learning and qualifications frameworks
  • To gather good practice, showing successful approaches to encouraging and maintaining reading, based on library use, especially amongst those with lower literacy levels
  • To produce good practice for engagement which can be accessed and used by library staff and others working with families through reading and writing for pleasure and purpose
  • To draw on and encourage the use of and engagement in existing resources and initiatives such as Booktrust's gifting programmes and the Summer Reading Challenge
  • To disseminate good practice, using appropriate and diverse media
  • To provide resources for families to support their use of libraries and to encourage them in reading and writing for pleasure

Download the topic paper, Resources for libraries, archives and family learning (PDF)

View The National Year of Reading end of year report

Order hard copies of Reading for Pleasure: Families, Learning and Libraries - origami mini book